Burns' ZeroG Experience (not quite in orbit)

On June 26th, 2010, I took a special airplane flight designed to put you in weightlessness by flying a (very small) part of an earth orbit. Ok, most people call it a parabola. Here is a video and links to pictures and my blog account of the experience. Click on the big arrow in the middle of the picture to see the video! By the way, I appear at around 2 minutes and you will also see me covering my head a lot! Also lots of not so happy expressions on my face compared to others, but that's because I was worried about running into people. I really LOVED the experience

Here is the video

Sorry about the music! I think this video was only of our group (one of three in the plane. The first section is "martian gravity". You can see people doing pushups with ease. The second section has several parabolas at lunar gravity. I tried to walk. Then zero G (of course there was gravity--the plan and we were just doing exactly what it wanted us to do, hence no acceleration relative to the plane cabin.

Click here to read my blog entry describing my ZeroG experience.

Click here to go to my ZeroG Album.

Burns' Pictures (Including Geoffy, India, etc)

Index of Fisher pictures through 2009. Click here to get to a list of "Album Covers". Click on album cover to see pictures within.

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My Grandson Geoffy

Check out this *INCREDIBLY cute movie of Geoffy and Tom"

Pictures of Geoffy taken by Joanne

Index of Pictures of Geoffy (and other things) taken by Burns and Ellen

Pictures of Geoffy taken by Carrie and Tom

India 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

India Travel Journal and Pictures for all 4 years

Pictures of Burns' 2008 India trip

Pictures of Burns' 2009 India trip

Pictures of Burns' 2010 India trip

Pictures of Burns' 2011 India trip--Sandeep's wedding


Pictures of my apartment

Pictures of Cubbon Park

Pictures taken during first week my wife was here

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Pictures taken at Bannerghatta National Park

Pictures taken during "Bangalore Walks" tour along MG Road


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My Favorite Comics

First, the web-only comics in my pantheon

User Friendly Computer Geek humor and Kevin and Kell--I don't know what gets me about this one.

Now the old standards.

Human Interest

Arlo and Janis One of my all-time favorites. Also see Jimmy Johnson's web site for oldies and interesting discussion.


For Better or for Worse


Jump Start

Stone Soup

Foxtrot (Sunday Only)

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Prickly City See, I actually have a conservative comic! But don't think you are going to find Mallard on my list. What a looser! It is nothing but unfunny and sometimes hateful tirades and cliches

Humorous in one way or another

(Especially check out Pooch Cafe. It's pretty new and occasionally a real crack-up!)

Rhymes with Orange

Get Fuzzy


Red and Rover

And a big BOO! to Spiderman which does not have the current comic online!